A Seaweed Extract that Makes a Difference

Discover our unique Maxicrop® product range, containing the highest quality, natural seaweed extract. Harvested off the Norwegian coastline, the naturally-derived seaweed extract is rich in minerals and alginates, promoting greater nutrient absorption to boost plant growth.

This unique seaweed is responsibly harvested to protect the natural balance the natural balance of the surrounding ecosystem in which it grows, protecting it for future generations.

The Original, Premium Seaweed Extract 

If you’d rather help your garden look its best in a natural way, there’s no better product for you than Maxicrop® Original Seaweed Extract. Maxicrop® Original’s seaweed extract containing Algae specific Arctic resources that helps plants germination, rooting and establishment, from seed to mature plant. It improves natural plant health, maximise nutrient intake and the ability to withstand environmental stress, including drought.

Maxicrop® Original is ideal for all plants, from flowers & shrubs, to trees, fruits and vegetables and lawns. You can even use the Original Seaweed Extract on lawns and approved for organic growing by the Soil Association.