Protect Garden®

Efficiency at the heart

Protect’s mission is to offer a wide range of products to protect homes & gardens from pest & disease control, to animal repellents and slug solutions

Protect focuses on efficiency and simplicity, making sure people enjoy their garden and feel safe at home. The brand offers a set of solutions adapted to each user and designed to protect against pests and to enjoy beautiful and clean exteriors. 

Protect is rich of multiple years of research and development to offer the most effective products, real guarantee of confidence and reassurance.

Protecting Your Garden From Damage

Protect Garden® Slug & Snail Killer Max protects your plants from slug and garden snail damage. For use on ornamental and edible plants, it has been approved for Organic gardening by Organic Farmers & Growers, and can also be used around seedlings and young plants.

Protect Garden Slug & Snail Killer Max also has a showerproof formulation which further protects your plants from rain for up to 14 days.