A part of the Protect Garden® family

Provanto quickly and effectively tackles a variety of pests & diseases that attack the garden and cause havoc for home grown plants, fruits, vegetables and even lawns. The Protect family of products are high performing, fast acting, easy to use and offer longer lasting protection for your plants. Damage caused by leaf diseases or common insect pests are no battle for this diverse range.

Revolutionary Plant Protection 

Following decades of research and development, Provanto® launched Smart Bug Killer, the newest innovative solution to plant protection in 2021.

A revolutionary insecticide that offers a new 3-in-1 action*, it provides longer lasting protection for up to 8 weeks on a range of ornamental and edible plants. Pests also stop feeding in one hour, with results becoming visible within 24 hours.

Comprising of a formula that originates from the medicinal plant Stemona Japonica, it works on contact by disrupting the nervous system of the insects, whilst also working systematically it passes into and through the plant, controlling any pest that feeds upon it.