Garden Inspiration: Butchart Gardens, from desolate wasteland to gorgeous gardens

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Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Garden is an exceptional garden located near Victoria on Vancouver Island, Canada. It attracts over a million visitors each year. These visitors come to enjoy the beautiful colours of these diverse flowers and trees and to learn about the history of these gorgeous landscapes.

A woman with a passion: Jennie Butchart

We owe this amazing garden to a woman: Jennie Butchart. In 1904, Jennie and her husband Robert moved to Vancouver Island, near Victoria to build a cement plant. Robert bought this property, built a home on it and started working on the quarry. As the quarry became empty, the view out of Jennie’s home wasn’t very appealing so she decided to turn it into something nicer. That is when she thought of making a garden (which is now known as the sunken garden).  Little by little, and with the help of horses and carts, Jennie was able to create a magnificent garden that kept expending with the creation of the Japanese garden, Italian garden and rose garden.

People quickly realised what Jennie had created and it became a renowned attraction for locals and visitors from around the world.  

With time and the help of her descendance, this extraordinary garden became a popular attraction around the world and is recognised as a National Historic Site of Canada with almost 1,000 types of plants. 

Garden Inspiration

A Breathtaking Garden 

Walking through this impressive garden, you will be amazed by the colours, variety of floral exhibitions, water features and tall trees.  

The Garden is separated into themes such as the Italian garden, rose garden, the Mediterranean garden, Japanese garden, and the sunken garden that started it all. Thanks to these unique dimensions inspired from around the globe, you are guaranteed a world tour!  

Fun activities for everyone all year long

Thanks to its diversity of flowers and tree, the Butchart Gardens is a place to visit regardless of the season. In spring, experience the sight of blooming flowers and floral scents. In summer, have a look at the colorful garden and listen to live music. In fall enjoy the sound of crackling leaves as you walk through the red maple trees. In winter, the Christmas light displays create a magical feeling.  

The Butchart garden isn’t just about the beautiful flowers, you can also take advantage of all the entertainment on site. With coffee shops, restaurants, souvenir shops, carousels, concerts and more, there is something for everyone!  

2 min read