Apples: planting & care guide

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Apples are one of the most common fruits, with thousands of varieties around the world, including gala, golden, lady, granny smith to name a few. Growing an apple tree in your garden is a fun, easy and cost-effective way to enjoy this delicious fruit!


Before planting your apple tree, think about how it will adapt to the space available: it will grow better and more easily in larger spaces.

You can plant a tree bought in a garden centre or apple seeds, which will take at least 5 years to produce. It is also essential that the tree can be pollinated, otherwise you will never have an apple. This pollination will be easy if you have a lot of vegetation around.

Plant your tree in mid-autumn or early winter, so that it has time to grow roots for the next season. The soil should be drained, aerated, in the sun and protected from the wind.

To ensure good fruit production, plant several species of apple trees and space the trees at least 10m apart to ensure good growth.


Water your apple tree frequently. It does not tolerate hot climates, so the soil must remain hydrated.

Your apple tree will give you fruit for several years. Prune it at the end of winter, before the first buds appear. Cut off old and damaged branches.

In the autumn, add fertilizer to the base of the tree.

In summer, water regularly without flooding and apply mulch at the base of the tree to prevent weeds from growing. This will also protect the fruit in case of fall. You can use protective treatments to protect from infestation but remember to stop the treatments when the fruits are ripe.


It will probably be a few years before you can harvest the first fruit from your tree. Once the fruit is ripe, you can harvest it before the first frost, in early autumn, for winter varieties.

An apple is ready to be picked when it detaches very easily from its supporting branch.

Apples can be well preserved. However, eat the ripest fruit first, which will not last as long. Store the others in a cool place, away from light and frost.

2 min read