How to plant and care for my cacti? 

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Watering Cactus

Very fashionable, cacti are easy to care for plants but still require regular watering. 

There are many varieties, flowering or not, prickly or not, which will allow you to vary your interior and exterior decoration with an exotic spirit. 

Fact: Some cacti can live up to 200 years! We hope that with this article yours will also thrive.  


The cactus is native to hot countries. 

It naturally needs a lot of sunlight. 

Place it behind a window or bay window facing south. 

From June to September you can take your cactus outside to get some fresh air on the balcony or in the garden. 


Hot period (March to October): water the cactus moderately about once a week, as soon as the soil is dry. Above all, avoid letting the water stagnate in the cup. 

It may be useful to add some fertilizer. Potted cacti only get a small portion of soil, not always enough to provide all the nutrients they need.  

Cold period (November to February): choose a bright and cool room (10 to 15°). Stop watering and fertilizing completely.  The cactus will rest and prepare itself for its next flowering. 


Cacti usually bloom in spring after their resting period. 

The color of the flowers varies according to the species: pink, purple, yellow, orange… 

Observe the singular contrast between the beauty of its flowers and the hostility of its spines. 

Baby Bio tips for Cactus care
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