Potatoes: planting & care guide

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Loved by many, and known by all since childhood, the potato is popular – and has many varieties to choose from. Thus, we will not use the same variety to make the different types of potato that reach our tables, so the choice of which to grow is usually according to your tastes.


For quality crop, a soil that has been tilled to a certain depth is required. Add fertilizer before planting, then scratch your soil.

The crops should be planted after the frost, therefore from March to May depending on the region.

Plant them 10cm deep, taking care to space them out in a grid pattern.


About 6 weeks after planting, hoe the soil and bring it back to the foot of the plants. This is called “buttering your plants”. The root ball should ideally reach 15-20cm.

Water sparingly in dry weather if necessary and add mulch to prevent the soil from drying out too quickly.


New potatoes are harvested when they bloom, about 2 months after planting depending on the variety. It is possible to eat them directly after harvesting.

For other potatoes, harvesting should start at the end of summer in dry weather, when the leaves are wilting.

Then let the potatoes dry and store them in a cool, dry place.

1 min read