What vegetables should you grow on your balcony?

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Harvesting your own vegetables, that you have watched grow from seed can be very satisfying. It’s also a fun and educational activity for children (and adults) that can be done even when you don’t have large spaces at our disposal. 

Here are the top 5 vegetables to grow in pots, planters or containers on your terrace or balcony:


  • Choose a cherry tomato variety
  • Planting and growing in pots will adapt perfectly to your terrace
  • The important factor is to have a good sunshine

Green beans: 

  • It is a very simple vegetable to care for and easy to grow
  • Choose a planter or a container deep enough for planting (minimum 30 cm). 
  • Remember to place a trellis (along a wall for example)


  • This is a very easy and quick vegetable to grow in a container or planter
  • Lettuce requires a moderate depth of soil; however, it needs width. Remember to keep 10 – 12 cm between your plants and transplant them for even more harvest.


  • In a pot, their cultivation poses no problem: however, ensure a minimum depth of 30 cm, with a well-drained soil and fertilizer
  • This vegetable needs a lot of sun and heat to grow properly


  • Perfectly suited to grow in a pot: 15 cm depth is sufficient
  • Remember to give them some room to grow

Some tips & tricks:

  • Beware of water reserve containers: excess water is just as detrimental as lack of watering. If your crop is in a container of this sort, be vigilant in this respect
  • Make sure that your pots are well-pierced at the bottom to allow excess water from watering to drain away
  • Pay attention to the exposure: like in a traditional vegetable garden, salads for example need less sun than tomatoes. Before planting, check the exposure of your balcony throughout the day. This will help you position your crops in the best possible way 
2 min read